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Presse : Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.99-beta
publiée le 08-02-2013

Abeem Live Technologies has updated Rack Performer to version 0.99-beta.

This new version includes several important new features, mostly centered around MIDI and connectivity.

New modules:

  • External MIDI Gear (special module to control external instruments and effects via MIDI output)

  • Dual-Stereo Clear-Path Master Module (2x2 in + 2x2 out + clock)

  • Octo-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (8/8 + clock)

  • 16-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (16/16 + clock)

  • 32-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (32/32 + clock)

New features:

  • MIDI Output is now fully functionnal (up to 8 devices for a maximum of 128 output channels)

  • MIDI Output turbo mode option (allocate one core to greatly improve MIDI output timing precision and reduce jitter)

  • MIDI input messages can be filtered per type at different levels (global, per device or per channel, and also per module)

  • MIDI effects can be applied individually to all modules that can receive MIDI

  • Notes transpose MIDI effect (transpose all notes inside configured range)

  • Notes range MIDI effect (excludes all notes outside of configured range)

  • Message filter MIDI effect (filter incoming messages by type)

  • VST plugins with MIDI output can send MIDI to other modules (interlinks)

  • Pure MIDI processing VST plugins are now supported (ex: sequencers with no audio I/O)

Minor modifications:

  • Optimized patch live-updating (faster and less ressource intensive)

  • Refactored advanced thread affinities configuration (now 3 possible choices: OS managed, balanced and strict)

  • Optimized multi-core load balancing (in strict and balanced affinity modes)

  • Holding a modifier key (shift or control) when creating audio patch links allow to connect multiple pins at once

  • All modules having name labels on their GUIs now properly update when the module is renamed

  • Added support for two new keyboard physical layouts (US 104 variants)

  • Module and control context menus now display ticks when mappings are active

  • Improved presets XML loading to allow better forward compatibility

  • Improved MME and DirectSound polling wave engines performance

  • Selecting a hard drive root directory as VST plugins path is now prevented

  • New hidden option to remove all document save confirmation prompts (some of you hate those, use at your own risk)

  • Added some integrated help and instructions to the monitor groups management dialog

  • Thread priorities configuration is now hidden deeper in the advanced config tab (new dialog)

  • Optimized VST plugins MIDI input (more efficient handling code)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed regression in Rapier DX and Trident DX (single) DirectSound wave engines

  • A fix introduced in previous version led to a regression in the way VST GUIs dimensions are retrieved (some GUIs had wrong size in wrappers, ex: dblue Glitch)

  • SyncToPush and other events coming from the synch engine did not trigger clock location change flags

  • Changing VST control rate in config without reloading document would crash

  • Partially incorrect clock information was sent to VST plugins, leading to some sequence looping issues (ex: Superior Drummer)

  • Finally resolved the long lasting bug around MIDI input (falsely identified as a timing bug in previous release, now properly fixed)

  • Resolved a nasty bug leading to the "problem with the modules" error message

  • Sometimes patch was not live-updated after using undo/redo history

  • Fixed a bug that prevented disabling MIDI routings (driver-level thru-mode) after a config change with engine running

  • Fixed some edge cases around presets management when operating on disabled or non-powered modules

  • Too many VST plugins do not support a tempo value of zero, a tiny value is sent instead to avoid crashes

  • Module popup context menu is no longer displayed for internal modules inside a PopUp Design GUI wrapper (led to bad things)

  • Fixed slight font display issue in two RMC modules as well as the RMC LFO

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